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Zilla Heat & UVB Basking Fixture

Zilla Heat & UVB Basking Fixture

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The Zilla Heat and UVB Basking Fixture provides reptiles with heat, UVB and visible light, all from one convenient fixture. It simulates mercury vapor lamp effects while consuming less energy, and creates a concentrated basking spot area within the tank.

  • Provides a concentrated basking spot area
  • Overlaps essential heat and UVB for healthy reptile development
  • Great for desert or tropical reptile habitats

Use Zilla Compact Fluorescent UVB bulbs and Mini Halogen Lamps at the same time, all in one fixture! By providing overlapping UVB and heat, the fixture allows reptiles to receive both essential energy sources simultaneously and eliminates the need for multiple fixtures.

The fixture includes a built-in 2-stage reflector to provide optimal heat and light output and is easy to install and use, with a single on/off switch for operation. The fixture features a long-lasting powder-coated finish and is UL-listed for safety. It may be used with most terrarium light timers.

Compatible Bulbs (sold separately):

Watts: 25W (Fluorescent) / 50W (Halogen)
Dimensions: 9"L x 5.69"W x 4.5"H
Power Cord: 6'

Note: For use over metal screen-covered terrariums ONLY. Place the fixture over the metal screen cover to provide maximum exposure for all terrarium pets. Do not use with incandescent bulbs, spot lamps or other bulbs.


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