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Sassy Sasquatch Cat Toy - DS

Sassy Sasquatch Cat Toy - DS

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Perfect for the cat who loves adventures, these adorable, silly catnip cat toys are sure to excite both you and your cat! The Sassy Sasquatch Cat Toy and wacky tree are soft and filled with a unique blend of silvervine and catnip that is both potent and pesticide-free. Beyond adorable and with fun textures that your cat will love, these toys are perfect for your cat, photo ops, and for showing off to friends and family. Catnip + Silvervine: Some cats love catnip, but not every kitty does or is affected by it. To solve this problem, OurPets developed a unique blend of catnip and silvervine. Silvervine is a non-toxic, all-natural catnip alternative that many cats prefer. Together, they work to provide a fun and safe playtime experience for you and your cat. Important: Never leave your pet unattended with any treat or toy!


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