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Petzlife Oral Care Gel 4ounce Salmon and Peppermint Spray Combo

Petzlife Oral Care Gel 4ounce Salmon and Peppermint Spray Combo

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PetzLife Oral care Spray & Gel are 100% natural. They have been tested by an independent laboratory and found to be perfectly safe for your pet's. There are no side effects and are even safe enough to use on people! The main ingredient in them is grapefruit seed extract. Here is the full list of ingredients: Grapefruit seed extract, Grape seed extract, Thyme oil, Neem oil, Rosemary oil, and Peppermint oil. These are all specially formulated with distilled water and grain alcohol to produce one of the most effective and safest dental products ever produced. Heart Health : helps support normal heart rhythm Kidney Health : helps support renal function Brain/Vision : helps support the nervous system Skin Health : helps support coat & combats dry skin Immune System Health : helps supports immune function Dogs and cats need both omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids for optimal health, and there is no more natural place to get them than salmon oil. Usually, pets already receive omega-6 fatty acids (found in oils from soya, sunflower, grape, and corn) through their food, but that is not true for the omega-3 fatty acids. 3+ months supply when used as directed 6+ months supply if used as maintenance


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