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Fruitables Pumpkin & Apple/Pumpkin & Cranberry Crunchy Baked Dog Treats - (7 oz) 2 Pack Combo

Fruitables Pumpkin & Apple/Pumpkin & Cranberry Crunchy Baked Dog Treats - (7 oz) 2 Pack Combo

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Using harvested fresh Pumpkin as the #1 ingredient creates a unique sensory experience for you and your pet. Since Pumpkin is classified as a fruit in botanical terms and a vegetable in culinary terms, these treats naturally became Fruitables! Delight your loveable dogs with the amazing aromas, irresistible tastes and satisfying crunch of these unique, all-natural, bite-sized treats. They’re also free of corn, wheat, soy and artificial colors, ingredients or preservatives. Imagine using the finest ingredients in your pantry to create a kitchen-filling, delicious muffin aroma that tastes as great as it smells! Fruitables takes the same approach to bake our treats, making it easy for you to indulge and enjoy giving to your pet. Rich in antioxidants, high in fiber and with under 9 calories per treat, Fruitables is also a sensible way to treat/reward your pet and avoid excessive “hidden” calories that often lead to pet obesity. Available in two combinations of our most popular flavors, the combo pack contains 2 resealable, recyclable; 7 oz pouches containing about 90 treats each. Each package is 7 by 9 by 2.5 inches and weighs 14.8 oz. Suitable for dogs of all sizes; plus many pet owners have written to tell us their horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, pet rats, birds and some cats absolutely crave Fruitables! Intended for supplemental feeding only, feed up to 3 treats per day for every 10 pounds your dog weighs.


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