Flukers Mealworm Fresh Feeder Vac Pack - 0.7 oz

Flukers Mealworm Fresh Feeder Vac Pack - 0.7 oz

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Flukers Fresh Feeder Vac Pack - Fresh Mealworms is a unique, all-natural treat designed for a wide variety of bearded dragons, aquatic turtles, geckos, and insectivorous reptiles. As the health and well-being of your pet is paramount, the mealworms themselves have been sterilized to eliminate any harmful bacteria and parasites and are made without the use of preservatives. The incredibly fresh, moist treats are readily consumed and packaged in a convenient, vacuum sealed bag. Provides essential vitamins, minerals and proteins

  • Contains delicious fresh mealworms
  • Ideal for a wide variety of reptiles
  • Provides essential proteins and vitamins
  • Sterilized to eliminate harmful bacteria
  • Convenient, vacuum sealed bags


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