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Cool Pup

Cool Pup Cooling Dog Toy Rocket Pop, Large

Cool Pup Cooling Dog Toy Rocket Pop, Large

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The Cool Pup Cooling Dog Toy Rocket Pop that look and smell like frozen treats, and feel just as refreshing! Each layer has a unique scent(Cherry, Lemon lime, and blue raspberry) Use as a regular TPR toy, or put water in them and freeze, for a cooling toy Dogs enjoy the cool water from small holes on the front Especially good for teething puppies Fun scented with fruit flavors Why We Love It: Dogs love ice cream, and here's a safe and fun way to let them have it! Cool Pup Cooling Toys can be filled with water and frozen, to give dogs an icy-cool way to enjoy traditional summertime goodies! This dog toy is made of TPR (thermoplastic rubber) which provides a squishy, comforting chewing experience. Combining the gummy texture with a cooling feature makes this an ideal toy for teething puppies or any hot dog. Your dog will love the multisensory experience of this unique cooling dog chew toy! Sizing Information: Each toy measures 7.25" Instructions for cooling: Fill with water by submerging in water, or hold under a running faucet. Squeeze toy to release air bubbles and allow water to fill the inner cavity. Place toy in the freezer with holes facing up so water does not leak out. Keep toy in the freezer for about two hours until water is frozen. Remove toy from freezer and give to your dog to play with outdoors or on a water-resistant surface. For maximum cooling effect, let dogs play with this toy in the shade or on a cool surface. Caution: Do not allow your pet to play with any toy if it becomes damaged. Supervision is advised.


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