Dogphora Detox Diva Facial Cleanser

Dogphora Detox Diva Facial Cleanser

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Discover a super-purifying facial cleanser that gently eliminates dirt and tear stains and fast-tracks revitalization and nourishment, while absorbing oils, impurities, and toxins to invigorate a lackluster coat. It detoxes your dogs skin and coat, while a luxurious blend of botanicals including Coconut infuses your dogs fur with essential hydration. Nothing does more to leave your favorite diva ultra-clean, fresh, smooth, radiant, and odor-free. Plus, its all-natural, hypoallergenic, and safe for dogs of all types.

  • Gently removes dirt and tear stains
  • Doesnt irritate the eyes and is great for all dog types
  • Made with coconut to clean and moisturize
  • Leaves coat soft and smelling great
  • Great for using between baths


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