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Midlee 47" x 47" Dog Pee Pad- Pack of 2- Washable & Reusable Large Puppy Potty Training Pad

Midlee 47" x 47" Dog Pee Pad- Pack of 2- Washable & Reusable Large Puppy Potty Training Pad

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47" x 47" square washable and reusable dog pee pad. Pack of 2. Wish you could leave your furry pals without returning to stinky pee puddles? It’s hard to tell when your beloved pets are about to go #1, especially when you have puppies. As cute as they are, young puppies can’t control their bladders until they’re 16 weeks old. And they'll go just about anywhere: no rug or floor is safe. Keeping your squeaky-clean floors and new carpets safe from the stink and stain of liquid waste is more challenging if you don’t have the right supplies in your home. Dog pee pads might do the trick, but which one? Protect your home from pee stains and foul smells while keeping your dogs comfy with Midlee’s Dog Pee Pads! Your new dog training pads are a must-have for households with puppies, elderly, and incontinent dogs. The fabric’s reinforced stitching and fabric imbues the pads with both toughness and comfort for long-time use. The fluffy material can absorb accidents instantly. Instead of disposable and flimsy pads, ours are washable and can be used for years to come. They’re thicker, heavier, and can seal the stench of liquid waste better than thinner pads on the market. The cushion’s larger size means more coverage area. Place the pads on the corners and rooms where your dogs like to frequent. Once you arrive from your errands, no need to prepare a washcloth or a mop. Still not convinced? Check out these features to help you make a decision: - Suitable for any dog breed of all ages - Won’t slip and slide - Clean the pads in a breeze for future use - Place the pads in your dog cages and crates or as car seat covers A cleaner and puddle-free home is within your reach. Add Midlee’s Dog Pee Pad to your cart TODAY!


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