Pros & Cons of an Elevated Dog Bed

Pros & Cons of an Elevated Dog Bed

Do you have a senior dog that suffers from hip/joint pain? As pets get older, regular beds that lay on the floor, no matter how comfy they look, don’t provide the support your pet’s joints need as they age. Raised beds offer more support and help with easing stress on their older bodies. This is just one of the many reasons you should invest in an elevated pet bed. They can act as a preventative as well as help when problems do occur! There are many pros and cons of elevated pet beds. Throughout this article, you will learn the pros and cons and see if these can help your pet!


Why You Should Consider an Elevated Pet Bed

  1. We all know that a lumpy dog bed that lays on the floor gets misshapen after months/years of use. Over time, a regular pet bed provides less support for your dog. Slowly indenting the bed over hours of naps and use, regular beds can result in joint pain and hip issues for your pet. A raised bed provides firm support under your pet while they lie down and nap. This support alleviates pressure that is put on your pet’s joints when lying on a regular, flat pet bed. This support creates hammock-like support, keeping your pet’s body off of the hard ground. This relives that added pressure their joints would feel from laying on a traditional pet bed.
  2. As a dog ages, it gets harder and harder for them to move around, stand up, lay down, etc. As many know, larger breeds are susceptible to hip dysplasia and arthritis. An elevated pet bed can help with these two symptoms by providing a shorter distance for your dog to stand up and lie down. Compared to lying completely flat on the ground, an elevated bed gives them a few extra inches, making getting up and down that much easier! Your pet doesn’t have to travel as far to stand up or lay down on an elevated bed!
  3. Elevated beds are comfortable for your dog not because of stuffing inside a large plush case, but because of fabric pulled tightly around stable edging (like a hammock). A large benefit of elevated beds is that dogs who once chewed up their bed, leaving you a large mess of stuffing to clean up, can now feel just as comfortable with a hard-to-destroy elevated bed. Not only is there no stuffing inside these beds, but dogs who tend to chew on their beds will have a hard time gripping the fabric to get their teeth inside anyways.
  4. Elevated pet beds keep your pet cooler in the summer because there are not laying flat on the hot ground while outside! With our elevated canopy beds specifically, there is a large shade that covers the bed keeping your pet cooler! There is also mesh that covers the bottom of the bed, keeping air flowing!
  5. Elevated beds are very easy to clean as they are not made from traditional cotton and stuffing like regular pet beds. Many types of elevated beds are made of similar fabric to that of your outdoor couch cushions. Most can be easily hosed off and laid in the sun to dry. They are perfect for outdoor use, especially if you don’t want your pet laying on wet, muddy grass!

Why You Shouldn’t Consider an Elevated Pet Bed

Of course, we recommend that you invest in an elevated pet bed for your dog because there are many health benefits, keeping your pet the most comfortable! Here are a few reasons you may not want to purchase your dog an elevated pet bed.

  1. Elevated pet beds are harder to put together than traditional pet beds. There is typically some sort of assembly required when you first purchase the bed. Traditional beds do not require assembly and can be simply laid in their spot in your living room, office, bedroom, etc.
  2. The fabric of elevated pet beds can be ripped by paw scratching. If your pet likes to burrow into their beds, be sure to purchase a bed with extra liners. Some do not come with them so you could end up replacing their entire bed because of a tear in its fabric.
  3. An elevated pet bed may not fit into your home décor if you plan to use it indoors. There is an abundance of comfy floor beds at stores everywhere! Elevated beds are not as common and do not come in as many designs. They also don’t give the coziest of feelings if you are looking for that certain vibe in your house.


Overall, elevated pet beds have pros and cons that should be considered. Here at Midlee Designs, we believe those pros out way the cons and that every owner should purchase their pet an elevated pet bed. If interested in our canopy elevated beds, they are showcased below!


Salmon Dog Cot with Canopy

Pink Cot with Canopy

Green Dog Cot with Canopy


Our cots come in a variety of sizes! 

  • Small 18" x 24"
  • Medium 24" x 30"
  • Large 30" x 36"
  • X-Large 36" x 48"
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