Make the Perfect Easter Basket for your Dog!

Make the Perfect Easter Basket for your Dog!

Let's Talk Easter Baskets!

When I was growing up, we never had a dog. My parents would give my brother and I a simple Easter basket with a few candies inside while we would travel to my grandparents where the Easter Bunny would supposedly bomb their house. Yes, they would go all out. They were always this way, over top gift-giving for all their grandkids. As we got older, things mellowed out, but now I am a millennial dog mom who wants to put the perfect Easter Basket together for my beloved pooch.


Who says that Easter Baskets are just for kids? When putting one together for my pet, this is what I came up with…



What dog doesn’t absolutely love treats? There are so many adorable Easter treats out there. It was hard for me to choose! Here are some that I recommend:

  • Peanut Butter Cup Dog Treats by Bosco & Roxy: These peanut butter dog treats will be a fan favorite by your dogs. They resemble real Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and have adorable Easter colors/designs. Bite-Size & Smell Delicious 9/10.

  • Egg-stra Adorable Easter Dog Treats by Bosco & Roxy: These treats are a 10/10 when it comes to design. Each treat is fully iced and looks like a bone-shaped sugar cookie. These are a bit bigger than the Peanut Butter Dog Treats.

  • Molasses Carrot Treats by Preppy Puppy Bakery: These carrot treats smell like freshly baked gingerbread. I was tempted to try one myself and my pooch loved them. They seem healthier and not as caked with icing, but everyone deserves a dessert once in a while!




If your dog is like mine, they go absolutely nuts for new toys. My dog, Scout, knows when I have something for him, and his level of excitement is out of this world. He is typically a pretty chill boy, but when there’s a new toy, he goes bonkers. Here are some adorable Easter toys that I am putting in his basket this year!

  • Sugar Cookie Easter Bunny by Midlee Designs: This toy is the perfect size for my chocolate lab, and it comes in two sizes, for small and large dogs! There is a squeaker inside for added enjoyment (which Scout will FOR SURE pop within the first 5 minutes of play). Still, this toy is too adorable to pass up!

  • Hide a Toy Carrot Easter Toy by Midlee Designs: This toy is interactive, and I know Scout will greatly enjoy the puzzle of trying to get the bunny and carrot balls outside of the larger carrot. He is very curious and determines, if your dog is too, this toy is for them!

  • Easter Squirrel Bunny Plush by Midlee Designs: This plushie is the last toy I am putting in his basket. It is absolutely adorable, and the furry squirrel tail is something I know Scout will love. It’s large and I think he will like carrying it around in his mouth all day long!




Now, Scout is pretty particular, but I wanted to get him something he could wear to look egg-stra adorable in our family Easter photos. I ended up getting him both a collar and a headband because they were too cute to pass up. Will he tolerate the headband? Probably not, but the collar he certainly will. Either way, I thought they were adorable, and he would look super special in these accessories!

  • Decorative Easter Collar by Midlee Designs: This decorative collar has review upon review of being comfortable for your pet. That’s just what Scout needed, and it was available in 4 sizes, perfect for all sizes of dogs. It has pastel-colored tulle and glittery little eggs on each piece.


  • White Bunny Ears with Tail by Midlee Designs: This headband is so adorable and filled with fluff! Again, I’m not sure if Scout will tolerate it, but it will still get a few cute photos I’m sure!



This should be a pretty spoiled Easter for Scout and I know your dog would enjoy it too. 


Don't want the hassle of putting the basket together yourself? Midlee also offers some pre-made Easter baskets you can choose from. Either way, you can spoil your pup this Easter with Midlee Designs!

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