Keeping Your Pet Safe on Easter

Keeping Your Pet Safe on Easter

There are many things throughout our everyday lives that can harm our pets. A lot of things, we learn to live around and with. For example, in my house, my dog has a fascination with the stove opening. We think this has to do with how we don’t allow him near it when we are opening and closing it. Either way, every time we put something in the oven, we keep him distracted or held a few feet away. My point is, there are everyday dangers that we keep our pets out of.

What about during the holidays? It is easy to forget what can and can’t be safe for dogs. In this post, you will learn what to keep an eye on during this next Easter holiday!

1. Chocolate

This may seem like common sense, but during the holidays be aware of chocolate and do not let your pet ingest it. Why is chocolate so bad for dogs? Inside chocolate is two relevant ingredients: caffeine and theobromine. In certain size doses (depending on the size of your dog), these ingredients are poisonous. Chocolate takes a long time for pups to digest and the side effects of chocolate ingestion persisting for so long harm your dog.

Side effects of eating chocolate include vomiting, diarrhea, increased thirst, panting or restlessness, excessive urination, and racing heart. In severe cases, these symptoms can turn into muscle tremors, seizures, and heart failure.

I think it is important to be educated about what your pet can and cannot eat. Yes, your dog may be fine if they eat a bit of chocolate but knowing the symptoms and effects can be increasingly helpful in caring for your animal.

Now, why are we so worried about it during Easter. Well, typically kids are opening their Easter baskets, running around with toys, tipping things over. Those little candy eggs that are so popular around this time of year, are easily ingested and can harm your pooch. Be aware of this and take caution this holiday!

2. Easter Basket Grass

Another harmful tradition around Easter time is the plastic grass that many people will put inside Easter baskets to add volume and cover negative space inside their baskets. If you have pets, we recommend steering away from plastic grass. Not only is plastic grass bad for the environment, but it is dangerous for your pets if they were to get it in their mouths or try to eat it.

Some great alternatives to plastic grass include newspaper or tissue paper, fabric, construction paper, burlap, napkins, etc. Each of these alternatives is not only more pet friendly, but they are also easier for you to clean up and make less of a mess than the grass.

3. Plastic Eggs

Another Easter tradition that could potentially harm your pet is plastic eggs that are commonly used during Egg hunts. Be aware that if found by your pet, they can easily break them apart to get at what has been put inside, and they can choke on the actual plastic egg if they put it in their mouth. Even if your pet were to be chewing on the plastic egg, because of its slippery outside, it could easily slip inside their mouth and down their throat, instantly constricting their airway and sending them into a panic.


No matter if your take our advice or not, being aware of these potential dangers will make YOU a better pet owner. Keeping an eye on your pet is your best alternative and we are sure you will keep them happy and healthy!

To deter your pet from getting into the items listed above, gift them their own Easter Basket so they can enjoy and play with their new toys and treats. They will be preoccupied, not paying attention to what is going on around them while having their own Easter-themed toys to play with! We have a large selection of adorable toys and delicious treats that are perfect for your pet. Take a look and order yours today!

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