How to Safely host an Easter Egg Hunt for your Dog

How to Safely host an Easter Egg Hunt for your Dog

Everyone wants to include their dog in all their holiday activities, why not an Easter Egg Hunt? Well, there are some safety concerns when it comes to the traditional Easter Egg Hunt that we believe you can work around to let your pooch in on the fun! In this article, you are going to find some tips and tricks that will help you host the perfect hunt for your dog, without all the safety concerns of typical Easter Egg Hunts.

  1. Use real eggs!

As many of you know, eggs are good for dogs. Eggs are full of amino acids and protein, so they can ingest hard-boiled eggs you’ve placed around the yard! You could also use any other egg-shaped treats, bananas, blueberries, apples, and so much more. Just the idea of hunting for these yummy treats will be exciting for your pooch.

Once they understand that there is food lying around your yard for them, they will go nuts sniffing and hunting for all their goodies!

  1. Steer away from using plastic eggs.

As I’ve talked about in another Easter safety post, plastic eggs can be dangerous for your pet. The smaller eggs can be easily choked on by your pet. The slipper outer coating on plastic eggs can also be hazardous as they can easily slip down your pet’s throat. Another concern is the plastic egg breaking and your pet ingesting sharp pieces of plastic.

 If done with caution, you can use treats inside plastic eggs as your hunt. We recommend going all-natural and skipping the plastic eggs altogether!

  1. No Chocolate!

This is another reason that going all-natural for your pet’s egg hunt is a great idea, you can deter your pet from accidentally getting into any of your kid’s eggs that are filled with chocolate. As you all know, chocolate can be poisonous for dogs. Keeping that far away from them during Easter is the best way to keep them safe! No one wants an emergency vet visit during the Holidays!


Overall, if done correctly, you can easily accomplish a safe egg hunt for your pet! This can be very enjoyable for both you and your pet! Use these tips and tricks to keep your pet safe and included this Easter!

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