3 Ways to Entertain Your Dog Without Breaking the Bank!

Are you looking for some easy ways to entertain your dog without spending money on fancy puzzle toys? You’re in the right place! This article is going to highlight 3 DIY or in-expensive ways to entertain your dog.

Dogs can get bored, just like you and me. It is important to bust their boredom, especially when you are not home! Just like humans, pets need physical exercise to stay fit in both the mind and body. On top of this, boredom is a large cause of mischief, but if you can prevent it, they will have the opportunity to stay out of trouble! If you give them things to do while you are gone, hopefully, they will use their energy to play with those things rather than bite your couch! Here are 3 ways to bust their boredom on a budget!

  1. Water Bottle Puzzle

This DIY boredom buster is incredibly simple to make, taking only 2-3 minutes! It consists of a water bottle with treats inside that your pet will have to roll around to get the treats out!

What you will need:

      • An empty water bottle
      • A pair of sturdy scissors
      • Your pet’s favorite treats


      1. Take your plastic water bottle and remove its label.
      2. Unscrew the lid on the bottle and set it aside.
      3. Pinch sections throughout the water bottle and puncture holes around the sides. Vary your placement and the size of each hole! The more holes you punch in the bottle, the easier it will be for your dog to get all the treats out. If you want this game to last them as long as possible, only puncture 2-3 holes so your dog has to really work to get the treats out!
      4. Place your treats inside the bottle and twist the cap on tightly.
      5. Give the bottle to your dog! Watch them roll it around to get their treats out of the tiny holes!


  1. Snuffle Mat Dog Toy

Snuffle mats are a great way to work your dog’s mind and nose! Mats are made of strips of fleece tied onto a base in which treats/kibble hide. This DIY boredom buster is a bit harder to fabricate but following these simple instructions should make it a breeze.

What you will need:

      • 1 yard total of 2 colors of fleece (½yard color A, ½ yard color B)
      • 12” x 12” cardboard square
      • Scissors
      • Flat Head Screwdriver


      1. Poke holes 1” apart on the 12” x 12” of cardboard using the flat head screwdriver (strips of fleece will tie inside each of these holes so they don’t need to be large). Set aside.
      2. Cut your fleece into 1” x 8” strips. Should have anywhere from 200 to 250 strips.
      3. Starting at one of the corners, feed each strip through 2 adjoining holes, knotting them once, covering the entire board.
      4. Once the cardboard mat is covered in tied fleece strips, place your dog’s kibble, or treats on the mat. They will have to use their nose to dig out all the treats!


  1. Treats in Towel

This may be the simplest of all our boredom buster ideas. This consists of a towel housing treats for your dog!

What you will need:

      • Old wore out bath towel
      • Your dog’s favorite treats


      1. Lay your towel flat on the ground and sprinkle treats on top of it.
      2. Fold your towel the long way so the treats are inside a long strip of the towel.
      3. Twist and tie the towel into a knot.
      4. Give the towel to your dog, who will have to work at untying and untwisting the towel to reach the treats distributed inside!

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