Alba 101

Name: Alba
Gender: Female
Breed: Mini Dachshund
Birthday: July 1st 2016
Size: 12lbs
History: Got her as a puppy at 8 weeks old from a local breeder
Personality: Alba adores her “parents” and is very shy towards others but once she starts to warm up to you, she’ll be your new best friend! She loves getting treats and is quick to show you how smart she is with all the tricks she can do for them including sit, down, stand, shake, spin, stay and wait. Alba has a personality of "little man syndrome" - she may be small but she doesn’t act like it; she likes to bark at the big neighbor dogs and any strangers that she feels threatened by. She also kicks/scratches the ground after going to the bathroom just to leave her scent and mark her territory.
Favorite Activities
  • Going for “sniffs” (she doesn’t get far enough to call it a walk because she always has to stop and sniff everything)
  • Playing fetch and tug of war
  • Running off-leash in fields on the farm (she gets the biggest dog smile on her face 😊)
  • Cuddling with her two favorite people wrapped up in a blanket
  • Going to Starbucks for a “Puppucchino”
  • Laying out in the sun

You can follow Alba on Instagram at: @wigglebutt_ween