Why Choose Interactive Dog Toys?

Why Choose Interactive Dog Toys?

You may be curious why we have so many Hide-A-Toy Dog toys and Find-A-Toy Plush toys. We have two answers…

  1. We absolutely love plush toys!
  2. They are interactive and positively stimulate your dog’s mind.

There are a lot of interactive dog toys on the market. There are dog puzzles, plastic and plush, combination treat toys, snuffle mats, slow feeder bowls, and so much more. All of these pet products have the same goal, stimulate your pet’s mind.

Let’s face it, it is hard to communicate let alone entertain your high-energy dog. Our interactive dog toys get your pets excited and keep them playful. A few benefits of interactive dog toys are...

  • Mental Stimulation

Interactive dog toys stimulate your dog's minds. Rather than laying around lazily all day, these toys will get your pet up and playing. It gives their mind something to do as they have to problem solve how to solve puzzles. 

  • Self-entertainment

Interactive dog toys are a form of self-entertainment for your dog. Even if it is only a short period of time, they will be occupied trying to solve the puzzle you've given them.

  • Weight Management

Interactive dog toys help with your pet's weight management. Interactive toys get your dog up and moving rather than taking their4th nap of the day. Some interactive toys can keep your pets busy for long periods of time. This is a form of exercise that can help your pet stay active and fit. 

  • Stress and Anxiety Relief

Interactive dog toys help relieve stress and anxiety your dog may have by keeping them occupied with certain tasks. Maybe they get anxious about people working in your yard. Interactive toys are a great way to combat this anxiety by keeping their minds off of these stressors. 

  • Satisfies Natural Hunting Instincts

Interactive dog toys help satisfy your dog's natural hunting instincts by making them seek out and hunt for either their food or an object of interest. You make them use their senses to receive a reward, channeling their natural instincts.


There is no right way to play with your dog! If you are looking for guidance, here is our recommendation for playing with our interactive plush toys…

All of our Hide-A-Toys come with one larger toy and a variety of smaller toys that fit inside the larger. The larger toy acts as the hiding spot for those larger toys and includes a small hole in it. Then you, the dog parent, place the smaller toys inside the larger. The trick to helping your pup learn how to play with these toys is to put treats inside the large toy to encourage their noses to sniff inside and pull them out. You can also leave a toy poking out of the hole to encourage your pet to investigate further.

Some pets enjoy finding the toys, some enjoy shaking the toy around to get the smaller toys out, and some just like the variety of toys that come in the package and they play with them separately. How ever your pet likes to play is the right way!

We have a large selection of these interactive plush toys that are suitable for everyday use, birthdays, annual holidays, and so much more!


Midlee Plush Interactive Toys

Each of our find a toy plush dog toys has one larger toy that functions as the hiding place. Then, there is a variety of smaller toys that go inside the larger for your pet to work on getting out!


Hide a Ball Dog Puzzle Toy 

This toy comes with a beachball-style plush toy that acts as the large hiding for the 8 crinkly balls that fit inside it. This interactive toy is perfect for any time of the year. 

Plush Purse Find-A-Toy

This toy comes with a pink purse that houses a blue credit card, a grey comb, and a black telephone. This is a perfect gift for that fashionista in your life!

Santa Sleigh Find-A-Toy

This is the perfect toy for Christmas. It will keep your pet busy while you eat Christmas dinner! Featuring Santa's Sleigh, this toy includes a large plush sleigh that houses 2 reindeer, 2 presents, and Santa!

Pumpkin Find-A-Toy

This is the perfect Halloween-themed interactive toy! There is an open-mouthed jack-o-lantern that hides a smiley bat, candy corn, and ghost. This puzzle is easier for dogs because the opening for the smaller toys is larger than our other hide-a-toys

Pumpkin Bucket Find-A-Toy

This pumpkin bucket is the perfect trick-or-treating present for your dog! We know that most can't do the real thing but this plush pumpkin basket including 4 plush candies will keep them happy!

Birthday Present Find-A-Toy

This interactive toy is the perfect birthday gift for your dog! There is a large present that holds a plush birthday cake, candle, and party hat! This is both festive and adorable for whatever age they may be turning!

Find-A-Bone Cube

This toy includes 6 plush bones that go inside the multi-colored cube. This toy is special because your pet will have multiple places they can try and pull out the bones from the cube. Compared to only have one hole, this one has 2!

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