Welcome to Midlee Designs Blog!

Welcome to Midlee Designs Blog!

You may have been around when we first started blogging, but we have decided to revamp our content. It's 2022, we need to hope on this trend and give all of our followers informative and entertaining content!

Midlee Designs started in 2014. We had originally been a distributor for other popular pet brands, Being in the business, we thought we could join in with our own products that we hope you love!

We have grown exponentially since our start in 2014 and do most of our sales on Amazon. Through these blogs, we are going to share information about keeping your pets happy and healthy. Obviously, we think our products are the best, but we are going to give you information to make that decision yourself. 

By sticking around, you will be entertained, informed, and you may even be given some exclusive coupon codes for our website. Thank you for following along!

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