Three April Fool’s Day Pranks you can Play on your Dog

Three April Fool’s Day Pranks you can Play on your Dog

If you are the kind of person who loves pranking your family and friends on April Fool’s Day, include your dog in the light-hearted fun. Although it may be a little low to prank your dog (who can’t return the favor of a toothpaste-filled Oreo or a brussel sprout cake pop), they can handle it! We know that many dogs thoroughly enjoy attention from their human. Seeing their reaction to these hilarious tricks could surely make your April Fool’s Day extra fun!

Jumping right into our pranks, remember to keep this light-hearted with your pup. This is just for fun!

  1. Play the disappearing doorway trick! What the Fluff Challenge!

This prank went viral on social media a few months ago and includes you, your pet, and a blanket. Step into a doorway in your house while holding a blanket. This blanket should cover the doorway and your entire body (letting your head peek out from the top). Get your pet’s attention to show them you are there. Practice lifting the blanket to cover yourself and revealing yourself a few times (2-3). Then, lift the blanket to conceal yourself one last time before completely dropping the blanket and hiding behind the door or anywhere you can. It will look like you disappeared, and your dog will go nuts! Set up a camera to get their reaction, many times they are shocked and utterly confused.

Don't stay hidden for too long but give your pet a bit to search and find you before revealing yourself! They will be so excited to see you once again! When I have done this with my dog, he starts jumping up on me or barks at me (two things he knows he is not supposed to do). It is so fun to see their personalities shine and enjoy a joke!

Search the “What the Fluff Challenge” on YouTube to watch hilarious renditions of this prank!

  1. Make their treat disappear!

This is quite the magic trick! Not only will your pup be confused, but they will also start searching for the treat immediately after seeing it has disappeared.

Put a treat in one hand and close both of your fists. Have your pet sit in front of you to make sure they are focused on you. Show them the treat in one of your palms. Close your fists again and place them behind your back. Slip the treat in your back pocket while bringing your hands back to the front, fists closed. First, show them one open palm with no treat… Then the other… They will be so confused!

Of course, give them the treat after a bit of confusion/search to reward them for playing along!

  1. Freeze their food bowl!

One last way to trick your pet on April Fool’s Day is to freeze their food bowl. You could add a few tablespoons of water to their dry food, just enough to make them confused! Or freeze their wet food! They will be so confused when you serve them their dinner!

For all those dogs that are impatient and super food motivated, this will cause a hilarious reaction as they can’t just chomp down their food like normal!


This is all about their reactions! If they are reacting negatively or seem stressed from any of these tricks, make sure to reward them with lots of love and a few trick-free treats! It is incredibly fun to include your pet in as many events as possible. All they get is one, short life with you! Make the most of it every day and love them, pets are something so special to this world!

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