Last Minute Easter Gifts for your Dog!

Last Minute Easter Gifts for your Dog!

Forgot to get your dog an Easter gift? Don’t worry! Read this article to learn about all our recommendations for gifting your pet the cutest Easter treats and toys!

If you’re anything like me, sometimes holidays or special occasions sneak up on you. Then, you’re scrambling to get the perfect gift that you think your person will love. In this case, maybe you have forgotten about your pet a few times, specifically Easter… Need some ideas for what to put inside their Easter basket? Here are our recommendations for last-minute Easter gifts for your pet!

Carrot Hide A Toy

This toy is not only adorable but will keep your pet entertained for hours. There are many benefits to hide-a-toy products when it comes to playing with your pup. One main one is that it forces them to problem solve to get the little toys out of the larger ones. Dogs are smart, gift them a toy that will challenge them and keep them on their toes (or should I say... paws)!

Sugar Cookie Bunny

This sugar cookie bunny toy is one of the most perfect Easter toys because it is squeaky, bite-size, and adorable. We all know we can't give our pets real, delicious, sugar cookies. Gift them the next best thing.. their very own plush Easter cookie. 

Egg-stra Adorable Easter Treats

Everyone deserves some dessert on Easter! Your pet will love these super cute treats as they taste delicious and are covered in dog-friendly icing. We know your pet is adorable, gift them these egg-stra adorable treats!

4-Piece Easter Box

Need the full package? Gift them this box of goodies including an adorable Easter headband, squeaky plush bunny, squeaky plush egg, and carrot molasses treats! This hassle-free Easter box will give your pet everything they need to celebrate Easter accordingly...

  • An Easter headband for adorable family photos
  • 2 plush Easter-themed toys that will keep them entertained for hours
  • a yummy carrot cookie dessert that will leave them drooling


These are just a few of our recommendations. Check out our other blogs for more recommendations about Easter gifts for your pet that they will surely love!


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