Keeping Your Pets Safe this Halloween

Keeping Your Pets Safe this Halloween

Halloween can be fun for the whole family, but it can also be stressful for your pets.

You may not even realize it, but there are many Halloween festivities that can stress your pet out. Keeping them safe during this season is especially important! Trick-or-treaters continuously knocking on your door or ringing your doorbell can be agitating for both cats and dogs. Read this article for more tips and tricks for keeping your pets comfortable this Halloween!


This year, Halloween falls on a Tuesday. Trick-or-treaters may be showing up to pick out some candy as early as Saturday night! For your pets, this means strangers coming to the door for multiple nights in a row. Now… add to that. These little strangers are going to be wearing costumes! This can be incredibly stressful for your pets. How should you go about curbing this stress? We’ve got the answers for you!
We recommend a quiet room with a yummy treat and maybe some background noise! In general, dog’s ears are very sensitive. The sheer sound of your doorbell ringing throughout your house can scare and alarm your pet. Try keeping your front door open, placing a candy bowl outside, or sitting by your door to minimize the number of times your bell is rung. If your pet loves their crate, you can try crating them with a yummy enrichment treat to keep them busy! Distraction is key when it comes to keeping your pet relaxed. Chewing and licking are instinctual ways your pet relaxes. Give them ample opportunity to do so!
When it comes to cats, put them away! It just takes a second to spook your cat and have them running out the door when they see a masked 10-year-old begging for some candy! Place them in a safe room with toys, food & water, and their litter box. They might show signs of stress differently than your dog, but they will benefit from some sense of security!
Candy is oh-so-yummy for humans… but not for pets. Chocolate is especially dangerous for dogs. Do not let them get into you or your kids' candy stash!! Candy is high in sugar and its ingredients, such as xylitol, are not safe for dogs. Xylitol is a sweetener that is commonly put in candy. Although safe for humans, this ingredient can cause life-threatening blood sugar fluctuations that can severely harm your pet!
If you want to include your pet with sweet treats this Halloween, order our Halloween treat pack. Each cookie treat is Halloween-themed and made with healthy ingredients. These smell especially yummy because of their yogurt icing!


Pet Costumes
As lovers of pet costumes, we know how fun it is to dress up your pet in the cutest costume. Put careful consideration into choosing your pet costume! Think about how tolerant they are going to be to an outfit, and how long they’d like to have it on. Each pet has a different personality! Some may love it while some may only sit for the photo op before trying to get it off!
While wearing their adorable Halloween costume make sure you observe your pet. Make sure they can move freely in their outfit, and they are unable to remove any pieces to chew or choke on. If your pet appears uncomfortable, they probably are. Signs of this discomfort include folded ears, tucking their tail, skittish eyes, etc. Remove a costume if your pet is showing signs of discomfort.
To meet the needs of as many pets as possible, we have a wide range of costumes that are perfect for whatever your pet will tolerate. Decorative collars, two-piece costumes, onesie costumes, headbands, and more! We are sure you’ll find one you and your pet both love!


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