Activities for You & Your Dog this Easter!

Activities for You & Your Dog this Easter!

Are you trying to think of fun activities for you and your family this Easter? Do those activities include your pet? Here are some great activities you can do with your entire family this Easter (including your pooch)!

Many times, holidays bring about long weekends and changes in routine. Trying to include your pet in the festivities will be great fun for your whole family! We are going to give you our recommendations for Easter activities that will include your entire family!

  1. Host a pet-friendly Easter egg hunt!

Kids and pets alike adore Easter egg hunts on Easter morning. There is definitely a right and wrong way to go about this if you decide to include your pet. To make things safe for them, here are some of our tips to make sure the hunt runs smoothly.

Using real eggs is a great option and can keep the hazards of plastic eggs breaking or your pet eating the plastic eggs, away. If that does not seem plausible, keep in mind that if you are using plastic eggs, you should watch your pet closely to make sure they don’t break and aren’t ingested. On top of this, be sure to use healthy treats/food inside the eggs if doing so. Some pets do not take calorie overload very well and can get very sick when fed unfamiliar amounts of food. Be aware of this when choosing what to fill your eggs with!

Your dog has a much better sense of smell compared to us humans. Don’t be afraid to make them use their noses! Whether you are hiding their eggs in plain sight or behind objects, they can use their sniffers to find the eggs.

One last tip about running an Easter egg hunt safely is counting the eggs you hide. You don’t want to forget a couple outside and then your dog gets into them unattended. Counting or numbering the eggs will help you keep track of how many you hid!


  1. Go to the park!

Going to the park is a great way to enjoy the day with kids and pets alike! Fresh air does the body wonders and around this time of year, although it may be wet, the weather is typically nice enough to enjoy the outdoors. After feasting on delicious food for lunch, walk to your nearest park to enjoy some quality time together and make memories.


  1. Gift your pet an Easter basket!

We know it can be tradition to gift your kids Easter goodies with candy and coins or whatever your family normally does. Gifting your pet an Easter basket is another way to include them in the holiday. They will not only be entertained with their new toys, but they will love the Easter treats and goodies that are inside! Many popular pet companies sell pre-made baskets and adorable basket fillers (including Midlee), making this easy for you!

If gifting an Easter basket to your dog, steer away from the traditional plastic grass that goes inside because it can be harmful to your pet! Opt for alternatives like newspaper!

  1. Go for a walk!

If you can’t tell, we are big fans of the outdoors and walk as often as possible. Maybe this Easter you ate a little too much food or too many Cadbury eggs (I know my weaknesses are jellybeans and peeps)! Taking a walk will help with your digestion and mood by getting out of the house and breathing in some fresh air!

Making your whole family go for a post-meal walk may seem tedious, but memories will be made no matter if someone is pouting about going or not. Quality time works wonders and we know your pet will be overjoyed to spend that extra time with you!









No matter if you take a few days off work or not, Easter can easily include your dog in very fun and memorable ways. They are a huge part of our families and deserve the best life we can give them!

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