8 Things to Do with your Dog this Summer

8 Things to Do with your Dog this Summer

For some, summer weather happens year-round (lucky). For others, summer comes for 3 months and 3 months only. Here in Wisconsin, we have brutal winters, barely any spring, and before you know it, fall is here in September. That means we only have a few months of beautiful, warm weather that we love to take advantage of!

During the summer, it is so important to get out of your house and enjoy the warm weather. It is also a great time to bond with your dog and take them on an adventure! This article is going to dive into 8 things to do with your dog in the summer so you both can get out of the house and explore!


8 Ideas

  • Go for a walk at a nature park or reserve
  • Go for a slow, smell walk
  • Run an agility course
  • Go to your local dog park
  • Go to the beach
  • Play in the sprinkler
  • Visit a dog-friendly restaurant and eat on the patio
  • Play fetch in an open field


  1. Go for a walk at a nature park or reserve

This is a perfect adventure for your dog because it is similar to your regular walks, but your dog will have the freedom to explore a new trail with new smells! Make sure you check your local rules as some state parks and national parks do not allow dogs. Though, in the states, there are nature parks that are dog friendly! Hiking a trail is incredibly great for your dog as it is both a physical and mental exercise!

  1. Go for a slow, smell walk

What is a smell walk you ask? A slow, smell walk is when you take your pet on a walk and instead of guiding them along, they are allowed to stop and smell whatever they want (within reason) for as long as they’d like. For a well-trained dog, this freedom may seem like the ultimate reward.

  1. Run an agility course

Have you or your dog ever ran or trained in agility? It is a great workout for both you and your dog and it tires your pooch out like no other. The mental stimulation, as well as the physical exercise, is quite the workout. We sell a backyard agility course if you are interested in setting something up close by!

  1. Go to your local dog park

There are many times that I have forgotten that our town even has a dog park. These are perfect during the summer because they are typically full of other friendly dogs that will play and tire your pup out! Especially if you don’t have much of a yard at home, dog parks are the perfect place to let your dog run, smell, wag their tail, and make new friends!


  1. Go to the beach

Summertime is a fabulous time to take your pet to the beach. Most dogs thoroughly enjoy digging in the sand, running and finding sticks, running through waves, etc. Make sure to regulate their temperature and give them breaks so they don’t get too worn out. Also, make sure to check that the sand isn’t too hot for the pads on their feet! Going to the beach is a great way to make memories and burn energy.

  1. Play in the sprinkler

Maybe you don’t live near the beach (like me), so instead set up the sprinkler for you and your dog to cool off in. Beware, oscillating sprinklers may be the way to go when cooling off your dog. Stagnate sprinklers can cause pools of mud and puddles that could result in a mud-covered dog! We recommend the oscillating sprinklers to keep from worrying about the mess!

  1. Visit a dog-friendly restaurant and eat on the patio

A great summer night can be filled with finding a pet-friendly restaurant, sitting out on the patio, and chilling with your furry friend. There is a website, BringFido.com, that allows you to search your location, showing all the places in that area you can bring your dog! We know it is easy to relax with your dog, so bringing them and enjoying their company while eating out or grabbing a drink is a summer must!

  1. Play fetch in an open field

Does your dog love fetch? Try going to a dog park or open field with your dog off-leash. Make sure your pet has a good recall before traveling off-leash, but that is what makes it fun! Explore a new area and let your pup run and play! This can be especially rewarding for both pet and owner!



You know your dog best! You know which of these activities your pet would love and maybe know some that they particularly wouldn’t! Each of these ideas are ways to get both you and your dog outside, get some exercise, and bond! Even if it is summer weather all year round, take advantage of the time you have with your pup and lead them on adventures both big and small!



Warning: Temperatures above 75 degrees Fahrenheit can be detrimental to your dog because they are susceptible to heat and can get very sick when overheated. Larger dogs and flat-faced dogs (pugs, bulldogs, etc.) tend to overheat faster than smaller dogs but being vigilant to sidewalk temperature as well as the mood of your dog when temps are over 75 degrees is important. Signs of heatstroke include excessive panting and drooling, diarrhea, vomiting, rapid heartbeat, weakness, and seizures.


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