5 Reasons to Try Agility with your Dog!

5 Reasons to Try Agility with your Dog!

Do you think your dog would excel in agility courses... Are they high-energy and need lots of mental stimulation? Introducing agility into your pet’s life has many benefits for both pet and owner. If this interests, you… keep reading to find out 5 benefits of trying agility with your dog!


  1. Fun for both Dog & Human

Agility can be fun for both you and your dog. It is a very rewarding sport that can help you and your dog bond. There is a sense of leadership that will acquire between the two of you as your dog begins and learns to trust you in a way they haven’t before. It can be incredibly fun to watch your dog grow and you both can learn all about agility. 

  1. Physical and Mental Activity

If you have a high-energy dog, agility is one of the greatest physical and mental exercises you can give them. It forces them to concentrate, run, and listen for a longer period of time. On top of this, agility running is a great way for you to stay in shape as well. Not only will your dog be running the course, but you will be guiding them, running alongside them! Agility will strengthen your dog's physical and mental fitness helping with weight management and stimulation. 

  1. Your Dog’s Ability to Focus

Agility training can increase your dog’s ability to stay focused. This is due to an increase in overall obedience and attention to your commands. Many times, there will be a lot going on within agility training. There are lots of objects, commands, directions, etc. Your dog will learn to focus more and more depending on the actions they are taking to complete an agility course.

  1. Build your Dog’s Confidence

Agility training is a fantastic way to increase your dog’s confidence. There are dogs who were once scared of the most mundane things while agility decreased this fear and they gained more confidence (helping with their everyday reactions and sensitivities). The more they learn, the more confident they will become! As an owner, you will learn how your pet likes and is best introduced to new things. Your pet will gain confidence in you and the trust between you two will increase!

  1. Improves Obedience

Our last benefit of agility training is improved obedience between dog and owner. As stated above, agility increases trust between a pet and its owner. To correctly complete an agility course, your dog must focus, listen, and remember its commands. With so many busy things going on, one after another, agility training can improve your pet’s obedience. It will strengthen the bond between pet and owner, allowing them to trust you more. With this, an increased sense of companionship can form between the two.

Overall, there can be little harm in trying agility training with your dog. Starting off with the Midlee Beginner Agility Set is a great way to get involved! This set is cheaper than any professional equipment, but is a great option for those with minimal space, wanting to travel with their equipment, and more! 

This set includes a set of 3 items. There are weave poles, a bar jump, and a hoop jump. The hoop and bar jump are both adjustable. This set can be used indoors and outdoors.

Visit this link to learn more about this course:



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